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DTG-Direct to Garment Printing

Our "White Shirt" Direct to Garment printer uses a water based ink and has a very soft hand feel to it. With our printer, you cannot feel the ink as it is printed directly into the garment itself using garment dyes. Garments will need to be light in color and as close to 100% cotton as possible ensure long durability through many washes. We now have a NEW " Black Shirt" Printer which can now print on dark or light color garments. With either of these printers you can make as little a 1 shirt and is great for quick printing of shirts for any event. If you are providing files, please keep the files in RGB in colorspace.

Screen Printing

There are many processes now used in the screen printing industry by allowing you to choose from a wide selection of garments and inks. Since these processes are so unique to each project, every order will require a special quote consisting of both printing, and garments selected. Because of these factors, most projects will require a minimum of 36 pieces for printing. Each color requires a separate screen made each color in your design.


Matching your company colors is not a problem. We carry a full line of thread colors to choose from, and do not charge extra for changing out thread in our machine. We can embroider ball caps, clothing, bags and even some specialty items.

Custom designs

Custom logo designs are available for our all of our processes. Provide us with your best logo in a .eps, .jpg, .pdf or even just an idea on paper. We will be able to produce your image on the many items we have access to.

Vinyl Cut Designs

There are many options when it comes to cut vinyl for apparel including soft fashion, durable athletic, sparkling glitter, flock, hologram and many other choices.

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